Funding Research

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The world-renowned physicians and researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute often have ideas that could changes the course of cancer treatment for children and lead to cancer cures. But, without funding, their ideas would never get off the ground.

That’s where Carly’s Club – and its supporters – comes in. Donations that are made to Carly’s Club allow researchers to take an idea they have and turn it into a reality, so that more lives can be saved.

Carly’s Club funds the most promising new pediatric cancer research projects at Roswell Park. Some of the recently funded studies aim to find more effective cancer treatments, prevent recurrence of pediatric cancer and treat harmful effects of chemotherapy.

Supporting Families

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When a child is diagnosed with something as serious as cancer, the entire family is affected. Here at Roswell Park, our pediatric psychosocial team works in tandem with the Institute’s talented clinical team to offer not only excellent medical care but also the crucial emotional and psychological support needed by each member of the family.

Thanks to generous donations, Carly’s Club funds these psychosocial support resources here at Roswell Park in addition to year-round activities and events inclusive of the patients’ entire families. What’s more, these programs are completely free thanks to support of Carly’s Club. Recently, Carly’s Club has hosted Game Night at Dave and Buster’s, a trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop and much more.

Impacting Children’s Lives

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Carly’s Story

Carly’s Club was founded by a little girl who wanted to make a difference for other young cancer patients. Today, Carly’s Club continues that legacy at Roswell Park and is here for cancer patients and their families – at every step of their journeys toward a cure.

Thanks to ongoing support, Carly’s Club members and their families are treated to special events such as our annual Holiday Party, tickets to concerts and theatre productions, celebrity meet and greets and more!

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You can make a difference for the children and families served by Carly's Club.